Moon Valley Birth. A dream is born…

I have always loved the moon, some of my first and most precious memories of being a little girl are of me, begging my father, a self proclaimed “hippie wannabe”, to take me outside in my ruffled nightie to “see the moon”.  Way out in the forest of Duvall, Washington my father would carry me into the middle of our driveway.  Here we could spot a break in the fir and cedar branches,  so that we could catch a glimpse, and we would gaze, silently…for what seemed like forever, but was never long enough.
As I aged, I learned more about the moon.  I learned that the moon was there when I was born, and for ages before that.  I learned that people all over the world can see the moon.  I learned that it appears to get bigger, and then smaller.  I learned that although we know a lot about the moon, it is still quite a mystery.  I learned that many tribes and cultures have connected the moon to fertility and the women of the tribes.  I came to learn that the native people of my very own Snoqualmie Valley, were known as  sdukʷalbixʷ, People of Moon.  Snoqualmie, is literally translated to mean moon, thus Moon Valley.
The moon mesmerizes me, it reminds me how small I really am, it keeps me focused on what is truly important, and it sparks in me the same childish wonder it always has. Fascinated as I am by the mystery of the moons cycles, its effect on the ocean tides, and its endurance over the ages, it is no mystery that I also became mesmerized by the similar cycles that can be witnessed in Women, Fertility & Childbirth. Women and the moon share the same cyclic changes, similar to that of the ocean tides.  A woman knows her baby is close to being ready for birth by counting 10 moons from conception.  Many babies are born on the new or full moons and one cannot help but notice that a woman’s pregnant and postpartum belly closely resembles the same waxing and waning look that can be seen in a moon every month.  As I also learned about the moon, I too learned that although we know a lot about pregnancy, birth and babies, it is all still quite a mystery.
When I decided to follow my passion, my calling, to help women & families welcome their newest into this world, it did not take me but a moment to know what name I would give to my services. Moon Valley Birth is my dream, to help women, their partners and families.
As they walk through these passages of pregnancy, birth & baby, as they change together, and are mesmerized by the changes that are happening in their lives.  Moon Valley Birth is here to support families through this time of change.

1 thought on “Moon Valley Birth. A dream is born…

  1. Very nice first post. Way to go sis!

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