In My Dreams, I’m #ThruHiking

I bust my booty all day to keep my kids cared for and our home SOLID… but in my dreams…at night… my brain does it’s OWN thing, uncensored by reality and the constant need to be available, present and supportive.

I wake up with visions of sleeping in hammocks, the forest, the desert and backpacks & chatting with fellow #thruhikers … the funniest part of all of this is that I have never actually been on a #thruhike!

I chalk it all up to the fact that I HAVE A PURPOSE…right now it involves diapers, and daycares, IEP meetings and local hikes which have trails that I can fit our double jogging stroller on! One day my purpose will present very differently, and I’d romantically like to think that my little brain is giving me a teaser of the sweets of the future while I am caring for my babies today.

Hey, if anything can prepare me for #thruhiking, God knows single parenting can!


xoxo, B





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