Nothing to Say… #justkidding

I am a FIRM believer in cosmic purpose. That we all have a chill out sess’ with God, RIGHT before we are born into our human body… That we hang out at the top of a celestial mountain, and “peek” over the top, down at all that will be (and IS; since time is just an illusion-but that’s another story for a different day).

While we’re there, gazing on, we are able to review and ponder all that will occur for us, the choices we will have, the moments we will enjoy and endure. I get the feeling God wants us to be in agreement with this whole excruciatingly beautiful life we are about to get awoken to. I am pretty sure I originally got these fanciful and romantic beliefs from a quaint little book, The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield. In ANY CASE… The point here is that WE KNOW. We know our purpose. It is within us. We are to be WOKEN to it, again, by life. We never have NOTHING to SAY!

“Sometimes everything has to be inscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you.”
— David Whyte

I have been thinking about writing for about 20 years… ok, maybe a lot more. I wrote my first “Book” in 2nd grade… it was about a racoon mountaineer, whom had to defeat his greatest obstacle, a “big mountain”…I even illustrated this book with lovely little detailed images of a backpack wearing/axe wielding little dude in a flannel hickory shirt, shorts and some leather hiking boots. It was submitted to a “young authors” competition. SO, I suppose you could say, I have been an author MOST of my life…and anyone that has ever known me knows I always have a LOT to say.

So WHY IN THE WORLD have I been dragging my proverbial-writer-feet most of my adult life?

I usually stop the thought process at, “I have nothing to write about that would interest anyone.” but that’s just bullox… The truth is: It’s the same “block” most writers get… low confidence (not good enough) OR self-centered (what will THEY think of me-let’s face the facts, people, most ppl are so self-absorbed they DON’T think about anyone else, anyways!)


I met a gentleman yesterday, he is a fine human being, the kind that is calm yet quirky, silly yet stoic… he quoted the poet David Whyte to me “Anything that does not bring you alive is too small for you.”. I was like, “YEEESSSSS….!!!” I wanted to jump up from my opticians desk and HUG HIM… but I really did think my employer might be concerned if I get in the habit of hugging my patients…so I DID restrain myself… BUT YASSS! I LOVE when a moment comes and another speaks wisdom to you that you NEEDED to hear at that VERY moment! I have been letting my small self-critique keep me from coming alive. Letting that GOOooooooooooo.

SO I say this to YOU:

You NEVER have Nothing to say. CHOOSE the heartache, the tears, the laughter, the ecstasy and the pure joy of love. What is too small for you? If it is not bringing you alive: that’s probably IT! What are YOU gonna do about it?

xoxo, B








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