Why do I have to support my child’s relationship with their father?

Touchy Subject? Probably.

AND… this post in no way applies to father that are ABUSIVE TO THEIR CHILDREN… keep your kids away from those dudes, seriously!

If your baby-daddies are like mine, they’re mostly *ok* people. Sure, they were epic failures as your partner/husband/boyfriend, but I’d like to think that *most* Daddies are still worth having in your child’s life.

There is something incredibly primal to a child about “knowing” their Daddy… it’s weird to me… and at times annoys the hell out of me.. but it is a true thing.

We gotta put our feelings aside about what a possible douche this guy is, and be open to letting our kids love and relationship for their Dad flourish as it will. Family is GOOD, for our kids to have people who LOVE them, that’s an amazing thing! If your baby-daddy is one of those #grown #mature #lovingdudes, GOD BLESS YOU… and I am sitting here wondering why you’d wanna let that fella go, anyways! (LOL, just kidding, shit happens, I know that)

‘When they go low, we go high’ ~Michelle Obama, forever the first lady, and the best lady.

I am sitting here waiting for my twinnies, now 27 months, to get dropped off by their Dad. Even though I am real hurt by him, and kinda hate his guts right now, I am gonna put on a genuine smile, greet my babies, be kind to him (even tho he will have a dick-face on, and will not say a word to me) and I am gonna lovingly ask them “did you have a good time with Daddy?’ “Mommy is so glad you did.” and I am going to mean that. THEY are pure, innocent and it is NOT fair to expose them to any unkindness, or disagreement or even any awkwardness. They deserve MORE, BETTER and as their Mommy, I am strong enough to give this to them!

Girlfriend, resist the urge to hate on him, just be there for your babies, love them, encourage them, give them the best life you can. They are worth it, and SO ARE YOU!

~keepin’ it classy, one kids exchange at a time

xoxo, B


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