Tolt Macdonald Park: a #PNWsinglemomlife Review

Although I truly cannot say enough about this park, this is my review of Tolt Macdonald Park in Carnation Washington, as it pertains to the #singlemom (or any mom)…This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the goodness which resides here! (the list of its lovely attributes is hella long, and ain’t NOBODY got time for that… well, this single mom doesn’t, at least!)

Here’sย the link if you wanna read the official $hit about it… it’s truly a marvel:



  • QUICK and EASY visit
  • Good for stroller rides, walks or short bike rides for kids
  • Great flat trail for beginner bike riders
  • Relatively Safe for littles’
  • Ample parking (unless it’s the 4th of July or Timber Music Fest)
  • Play structure nearby (if you need a bribery tool)
  • Very groovy foot-bridge over the Snoqualmie River made by Eagle Scouts
  • Very cool Geocache, which is fun to find for “big” littles’
  • Simple hiking trails on other side of foot bridge

Why we went to this park recently? My big kids were driving me bonkers with their obsessive desires to use electronics 24/7… and the twins needed some practice on their balance bikes. This park is fairly close to home, for us, we were able to hitch the big boys bikes onto the back of the Audi, throw the twins Styrder bikes in the hatchback, with all the helmets & get there in about 15 minutes. Once there, the parking lot was super empty, we unloaded right next to the trail and immediately began to roll on down the trail. Since one kid is still in training wheels, and the twins are just skooting along, I was able to walk along-side at a lovely pace. Had I thought of it, I would have brought an espresso with me! By the time we reached the baseball diamond, all kids were getting a tad quiet, so we turned it around and rolled back. All in all this was a 1+ hour little stroll, on a pretty, paved nature trail, with little songbirds chirping us along and only a few other passers-by (people walking dogs on leashes).

We have on other occasions, visited here to play on the park structure, which is a short walk across a soccer field, or to stroll across the foot-bridge. If you have little hikers or if you are feeling tough and wanna strap a baby into a back-pack or a carrier and do a short hike, there are also some pretty cool trails on the other side of the footbridge! Be sure to download a geocache app and check out all the geocaches here, also! Super cool!

If you are looking for a quick & easy little stroll, bike ride, park to visit or a cool footbridge to enjoy the sights of the Snoqualmie River, Tolt Macdonald is a Momma’s BEST choice in Carnation, Washington!!!


If ya’ll are curious which little balance bikes I have for the twins (which we LOVE), They have the blue and pink ones of this brand: Stryder Balance Bikes… which I bought from Amazon, cause: ….ain’t no #singlemomma has time for shopping at a real store!!!:


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