Say “Heyyyy!” to Bethany K.

Who the heck is Bethany K. and why the hell am I reading her blog?

Hi, I am Bethany K. and I swear A LOT… welll, in my writing, not so much in person, since my kids are listening. I am currently a single mom in the Pacific Northwest, and plan for it to be this way for another 5 years, at least. (hence the need to swear-write).

Had my first kid at the age of 19, and he’s now 18… so now you know my age (unless you suck at math, in that case we can be best friends now).

I am a hippie, boho, flower child at heart, love to wear moto or western-inspired boots & have Miranda Lambert radio on play about 85% of the time, I work full-time as a retail/medical office manager & spend ALL my time considering how I can give my kids the best life EVER, while simultaneously praying for God to protect them from all the crazy stuff in the world AND to bless them with love, good hair, kindness, good hearts, dreams come true, safety and miracles! Oh and also I deal with me and my kids finances, friendships, family, home-ownership, aspirations, self-care, and ALLLL THE THINGS.

I am an expert on BEING a single Momma, as I have been one MOST of ALL 6 of my kids lives, with a few very short and VERY unsuccessful marriages in between (hence the need to STAY a single momma for at LEAST 5 years… (although probably indefinitely).

I can talk to you about the ups, the downs the sidewayz of single parenting, the ins and outs of getting help for legal matters, financial assistance, how to follow your dreams and keep your cool, while also remembering you have pizza cooking in the oven, one kid taking a bath, two asking for story-time, one dissecting an old hard-drive, one mowing the lawn & another asking when he can start driving! It’s all one big beautiful mess, and we gotta share it together, Mama’s!

And the PNW part? well, that’s where I live with my 4-6 kids, depending which ones are home at any given time, and we like to take some pretty rad adventures, so Ima share those with you, too! Keep your eyes out for my #PNWsinglemomlife reviews for location and activity reviews ๐Ÿ™‚

Follow along, and I promise you will either love me or love to hate me, but you’ll always learn something… probably get a little uplifted & hopefully feel less alone for it!


xoxo, B.K.



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