My New Hikers, a mini review.

Hey guys….

Let’s talk about footwear. I am a girl at heart, so naturally shoes, footwear and other functional adornments are #mything.

I FINALLY splurged a bit ON MYSELF and snagged a discount pair of last years color Danner Hiking boots. I snagged the day-hiker named “Jag, which is a vintage comeback on the 1980’s hiker style.

I needed a pair of boots that would work well for my many day-hikes, something light, so I can still run-hike, jump, and hop over things! I didn’t want a true hiker, as I am not going on a #thruhike anytime soon… but I wanted something waterproof, comfy and durable.

Ya’ll I have been hiking in my Nike’s for YEARS… and frankly, I am #overit.

I was able to snag this $160 hiker for less than $50 & finally wore them out & broke them in yesterday! A girlfriend and I were able to get out to a local hike, Little Si, a 4.7 mi hike roundtrip with a 1300 ft elevation gain.

(Here’s the hike, if you’re interested: )

I had not worn the hikers really at ALL, and am happy to report no foot pain, blisters, etc! These boots felt like I had already hiked 100 miles in them, comfy, supportive & overall pretty cute little piece of footwear!

Here they are, babes… a hella good steal, if you fit into one of the remaining sizes (most sizes)!

PS: I usually wear size 7 or 7.5, and opted for the 7.5…they seem to run true to size, or maybe a touch big, but that’s perfect for me, since I will sometimes throw some thicker socks on underneath! and PSS: You’re WELCOME!:



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