Sup, ya’ll?

Not writing much, but I am here! Living, workin’, hikin’, Mommin’.

I am SOOO thankful for my family. My kids and I have so much enjoyed the support and love from my parents and sibling and extended family and our RAD community!!!

Everyone has been so freaking great, supportive and loving.

Well, not everyone…  but nobody cares about the haters… Haters hate themselves, and that’s sad… but also: NOT MY PROBLEM. thankfully.

Everyday is a blessing, to see my children smile, grow, hear their struggles and joys.

Just to witness life with them is the best part of my life.


ALSO the hardest.


Every day has been a lesson in CHOOSING joy, choosing calm and peace and choosing to see the miracles.

Being a single Mama is not easy, it’s pretty challenging.. in so many ways. But MAN, does it ever grow you!

I am SO looking forward to the day that my words will flow freely to you all, uncensored and full of silly yet genuine transparency!

Stick around for a while and you’ll be in for one great treat after another 🙂










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