I say this, a lot, to myself usually… since I am mostly alone and nobody really cares.

I have a lot to say, to talk about… but to write? No… not really.

Unless all you want to hear is my daily disappointments… daily exhaustion from being a Mama, working full time, running our home, etc etc etc.

It’s boring… boring to write about. Boring to live… and likely boring to listen to… seeing as there is NOBODY in my life that gives a flying fuck about how I am doing… I assume this to be true.

Do you ever feel like that? Like nobody gives a goddamn fuck about you? Like all you need is to be held in a hug while you sob on someones shoulder… just because it is ALLTOOMUCH and there is LITERALLY nobody whom loves you like that on the entire fucking planet?

(Christian friends, please shut the f up, right now… I know ya’ll are already mentally working up your “cool christian evangelist-trying to play it cool-and reply with some BS about how “God loves you like that”… BS. I dont wanna hear it. I need a REAL FUCKING HUG, a REAL GDAMN SOB SESSION & no “holy-spirit-ghost” is gonna do that…!)


It is the Holidays.


HERE I AM. ALONE. With my kids.


I am Tired.


Tired of working hard.


Tired of giving.


Tired of doing it all.


I will wake up tomorrow, take a hike in the woods… probably cry and yell at God while I am at it… then I will work hard… then I will GIVE… and probably do more than any person should.

Because I am a Mom … and that’s what we do….


And if you see me… Give me a big fucking hug… and forgive me if I sob…


I am just so fucking exhausted…





3 thoughts on “I.AM.EXHAUSTED

  1. I completely hear you. It does feel like no one cares. And i do believe they should add the word TIRED as every single mama’s middle name. I drink endless amount of coffee and at times it is still not enough. We can’t do it all, but at the same time if we don’t do it…it doesn’t get done. So its like a lose-lose situation. One day at a time mama! Hugs.

    1. YES GIRL! exactly… ONE DAY AT A TIME!!! phew.. we got this and this one day at a time is gonna lead to SUCH wonderful kids. xoxo, B

      1. Hugs, sister.. I am so glad you get me! XOXO, B

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